Safety Policy

Safety Policy

At SSCONS, Safety is a part of our day-to-day business our number one core value. Our approach to health and safety is characterized by our core value of acting responsibly and safely which states, We will not compromise on safety and will act responsibly in all that we do.From our frontline employees to our Managing Director, it is the responsibility of everyone at SSCONS to ensure each worker, including direct employees, and subcontractors, gets home safely to their families each and every day.

National-wide strive to meet our HEALTHY & SAFETY vision and live our culture by:

Complying with applicable legal and other requirements.

Assigning responsibilities for health and safety to line management.

Identifying and meeting client-specific health and safety expectations.

Assuring the necessary health and safety competence of all staff.

Recognizing positive health and safety behavior among employees, suppliers and clients.

Setting targets for continuous improvement and implementing systems to achieve them.

Actively promoting subcontractors to be in alignment with our health and safety policy.

Tracking and reporting health and safety performance.

Including health and safety into projects to reduce impacts to our clients.

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