Our Quality


At SSCONS, quality without compromise and at affordable costs forms the basis of all activities. This has allowed the company to invest in improvised technologies and enabled it to consistently raise the bar.The company adopts detailed and perfect quality monitoring procedures from sourcing of raw material to pursuing system driven processes in construction and meeting client requirement.The Organization has a wide range of construction equipment and ensures that the equipment are regularly maintained for trouble-free performance.


Our logo is fitness to purpose i.e. in terms of construction;We provide a building which provides an appropriate quality for the purpose for which it is intended.

To produce a building which satisfies the client

To produce a building where quality is related to the price

To produce a building in which sufficient time is allowed to obtain the desired quality.

Setting the quality standard or quality of design required by the client

Planning how to a achieve the required quality, construction methods, equipments and personnel to be employed

Correct any quality deficiencies

Provide for long term quality control through establishing systems and developing a quality culture


We ensure that the construction process takes place within the frame work of a Quality Management system. In order to ensure Quality Assurance, we follow the under mentioned the system

We understand the clients brief to develop the design

We use information which is correct or/and upto date

We understand the clients expectations of quality standards

Better Co-Ordination between the designers